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NATURAL LODGING MINDO  your contact Luis Gomez +593 995358350 We speak English / Deutsch / Español BIOHOSTAL CENTRO DE MINDO Bed&Breakfast $20  Per Person Included SUPER Breakfast with artesanal products, such us Chocolate, coffee, Mermelade, creps, fruits etc. Birdwatching Mindo:        Price: (1-2P.  $100) (3+ P. $40per Person) 06h00 , meetting at Biohostal, departure by pick-up for 20 minutes, Sector of Nambillo river (hight part) in the San Lorenzo Birdroute. Birding until 09h00. Then BirdBreakfast at Las Montañas Reserve, many hummingbirds, tanagers, etc. Then continue with trekking to (please group must decide just one option a,b,c,d) a) Las montañas reserve, waterfalls, river and nice paths probably sunbitter or torrent duck on the way; or b) Balneario Nambillo , river, waterfalls and place to swimming in a natural spring or c) Cable car and santuary of waterfalls, including visit la reina and Nambillo waterfall or d) San Lorenzo birding rout 4km to Biozone(resta


MINDO DESEASES ( By Luis Gòmez) Diseases in Mindo despite being in a subtropical zone, no major diseases, the same that are restricted often to the tropics, such as malaria, denge, yellow fever, cholera, rabies, lesmania, etc the same reaching 800m and perhaps the 1000m. high, so we recommend not being afraid about these. but if you have presindible Solar portector, mosquito repellent, can be chopped mosquito, mosquitoes and sand but nothing dangerous  I live in Mindo for 10 years and I never hear about it,, if you want  read more about http://www.salud.gob.ec/ Cloud Forest  near to Mindo MINDO CLOUD FOREST BY BIOHOSTAL biohostalmindo@hotmail.com Mindo like a part of moisture and cloud forest choco, it´s location and altitude of 1300m-1700m. above Sea level, with an average temperature of 17 ° C. with sunny mornings, cloudy and sometimes cold sunsets, offers visitors an endless number of options to get out of the routine. May change weather and Mindo strat with sunny days